Six months and counting… An update of sorts.

We’ve been in our new home for nearly six months. We took possession on St. Patrick’s day, which in these parts, also happens to mark the Spring Equalday, a time of rebirth and celebration. There was much significance in this for me.

In April, we went on vacation with my brother, his wife and his youngest son. Disney World! Universal Studios! We had an amazing time forging memories that I will treasure always.

In May, we brought home a puppy, a Bernedoodle, and we named him after Captain America’s best friend, Bucky. Which later became Bucky Sneakers. Or, Bucky Boo. Or, Bucks. Or, Buck-man. Whichever seems most appropriate really.

I love our Bucky! He is my constant companion and I cannot fully explain how grateful I am to have that. He is my giant, furry baby. I am shameless in my devotion to him. He is not just a dog.

He’s my very best pal. Here’s why:

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This too shall pass.

We were at the cabin, sitting at the table, either chatting or playing a game, when someone noticed them: the bugs.

They were grappling for position, clinging to one another in streams. Piles of them – a writhing, humming mass of silverescent motivation. All of them desperate to make their way through glass or screen; those sight penetrable barriers inexplicably holding them back, preventing them from fully reaching the light.

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