Hi there, Kids!

Welcome to the fold! My name is Tracey, and here I sit, just trying to do write by the world.

This is the place where I live my life in words, and where my words, in turn, are brought to life.

I fancy myself a writer, an iPhone photographer and a philanthropist. I am passionate about socially conscious small business, the Arts, organization and chocolate. My life is a celebration of the strength inherent in vulnerability.

I practice yoga and prefer Farmer’s markets to gardens. I loathe labels and after years of contemplating what to write in this bio, I am still unsure.

I am not particularly crafty, but I can run and I am strong. I like to ski and wake surf, hike and camp. I eat breakfast every morning (successfully) and do my best to ALWAYS embody kindness (not successfully.)

An avid reader, I am fairly certain that book ownership is still less expensive than therapy. I shamelessly pursue laughter and cook for the sake of survival, not pleasure.

I idolize the Littlest Hobo and fantasize about living in a 1962 Volkswagen camper van. My husband prefers his monstrosity of a garage, so I now find myself rooted, quite happily, on the plains of Alberta, not far from where I was born.  Together, we have one child, one dog and one small business.

When I’m not sitting here, I’m mindfully folding laundry, singing to my steering wheel, or haphazardly scrambling to make something for dinner.

Thanks for dropping in! Do let me know you were here!

Peace and love,