Happy 10th Birthday, Riverside Spa!

OR, in other words, thank you thank you thank you to our valued guests and staff!

Today, is the day.

We have reached the mile-marker that once loomed so far into the future it felt like a straight-up impossibility. Riverside Spa is ten years old!

Naturally, we’re experiencing a variety of emotions:

Shock, for the speed at which time passes.

Delight, for sweet celebrations sake.

Gratitude, for our valued guests.

(Oh, how we LOVE our guests!)

And pride, because… well, why not? We have accomplished so much more than we ever thought we would.

What began with two kids and a desire to create a positive work environment has grown into a life, one that is full-to-brimming with lessons-learned, love and abundance.

Our dream was to have a positive impact on both our local and global communities. Our hope was to inspire others to do the same. Our goal was to have as much fun as possible along the way.

We can say, with little doubt, that we’ve enjoyed success by these terms. Our terms.

Which is fantastic, no doubt, but let’s have a look at some hard and fast numbers:

We’re in the business of human connection; more specifically, of human touch. This is something that is beyond integral to our overall health and wellbeing. That we have offered our 58,000 plus guests the opportunity to restore and revive themselves is a major point of pride. (That’s with approximately 55,791 pedicures, 29,690 facials, 83,126 massages and 49,907 gift certificates… for those of you counting!)

None the less, our pride extends even further. Riverside Spa is an incredibly positive and welcoming place to work. Early on we recognized the importance of taking exceptional care of our staff and that by doing so, in turn, our staff would take exceptional care of our guests. We treat each other really well. Over the years, we’ve worked diligently to maintain this standard, with the entire team taking responsibility for protecting our work environment.

Given this, it’s safe to say that we are most proud of our staff and their efforts. (Past and present!) They are truly amazing at what they do, and are ultimately what have allowed us to extend the boundaries of our care to our global community. That means the world to us.

In the beginning, our team consisted of sixteen staff members, and a handful of contractors. Today, we have thirty-four staff working with us, in addition to the contractors we started with. Three of these individuals were present the day we opened – one gal has been with us the entire ten years, while two left, only to return at later dates. Ten members of our current team have been with us for five or more years. Though others have moved on (to become mothers, realtors, farmers, police officers, paramedics, teachers, etc.) many of them could make the same claim.

It means a great deal that our staff have stood by us, putting their faith and trust in our ability to support their livelihood. We were young when we started down this road: twenty-four and twenty-nine. I’m sure that gave more than a few of them cause for concern. We are so grateful to them for taking a chance on us!

Better still, we can honestly say that many of these folks have become treasured friends. We weren’t always sure this would be possible. Not everyone has the capacity to see their employer as anything other than their employer. We are incredibly grateful to those who can. They have enriched our experience of work immensely. We cannot thank them enough.

And then, of course, there are the opportunities we’ve had to partner with charitable organizations; YES, we are definitely proud of these! But more than that, we are grateful. There is no greater joy than that which comes from living generously. Our partnerships with CAUSE Canada and the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation have been beyond fulfilling.

Our partnership with CAUSE Canada began in 2006, even before we had the ability to pay ourselves. (This made the DH somewhat nervous, but my belief that the Universe generously rewards those who give freely and often was not easily pushed aside. When I insisted that we begin giving back to our community, after only three months of business, the DH graciously conceded. The DH is awesome that way.)

We began giving modestly and, with each passing year, have continued to increase our contributions. To date, we have been fortunate to be involved in building two schools and three birthing huts in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and have contributed over $115,000 to CAUSE Canada’s efforts. We cannot wait to see what this partnership holds for us next! This is exciting stuff, indeed.

In the last six years, our Guilt Free Days of Pampering, in support of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, have raised nearly $39,000. Each year the hospital assists over 75,000 children and families. We feel blessed to be able to offer our support!

And lastly, in partnership with Eminence Organic Skincare, which plants a tree for every product sold, we’ve helped to plant over 15,000 trees!

To our guests and staff, all of whom have made these initiatives possible, you have our heart-felt appreciation and respect. We cannot thank you enough! You allow us to do what we do.

Which brings us to the following public service announcement:

Our 7th annual Guilt Free Day of Pampering, in support of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, is quickly approaching! As in years past, we will donate 100% of revenue from all services performed on Wednesday, November 25, 2015. Book now to help us make this event our biggest one yet!

all our love,

Tracey (& Will)

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