Six months and counting… An update of sorts.

We’ve been in our new home for nearly six months. We took possession on St. Patrick’s day, which in these parts, also happens to mark the Spring Equalday, a time of rebirth and celebration. There was much significance in this for me.

In April, we went on vacation with my brother, his wife and his youngest son. Disney World! Universal Studios! We had an amazing time forging memories that I will treasure always.

In May, we brought home a puppy, a Bernedoodle, and we named him after Captain America’s best friend, Bucky. Which later became Bucky Sneakers. Or, Bucky Boo. Or, Bucks. Or, Buck-man. Whichever seems most appropriate really.

I love our Bucky! He is my constant companion and I cannot fully explain how grateful I am to have that. He is my giant, furry baby. I am shameless in my devotion to him. He is not just a dog.

He’s my very best pal. Here’s why:

We’re sensitive souls, Bucky and I, sharing a love of physical contact, anxiety surrounding the unknown, a streak of stubbornness, and a deeply seeded appreciation for food.  We have much to learn from one another. Unlike Bucky, I do not bite bums or chew on small children, and quite unlike me, Bucky is ever-present in the moment. He lives there, in fact. And the time we spend together, is time in which I can visit. Naturally, we love to walk. I am always at my best when I am moving my body and my dog gives me the ability to say YES! to guilt-free, lengthy walks in the woods. He reminds me that I am a part of nature. I remind him not to pull on his leash. I can relate to this dog unlike any animal I’ve ever known, (and I’ve known more than a few.) He gets me and I get him. I have no idea why, nor do I particularly care. But, it works and it’s fantastic.

Just the other day, on our walk around my mother-in-law’s field, we enjoyed the very best of what this beautiful province we live in has to offer. The morning began ominously shrouded in fog. It was dark and crisp. But, as the sun came about upon the horizon, the fog began to dispel, leaving in its wake the most pristine fairytale mist. My regal Bucky, trounced about the field like King Arthur in Avalon. I experienced the kind of joy that leaves creases on one’s face.

It was a morning to remember.

An exquisite fragment of a life…

My life.

One that I am truly grateful for.

I digress. This is supposed to be an update.

In June, we said so long to Grade One! The school year flew by… and then it didn’t. Some days felt so long and lonesome. It’s tough when the little ones leave home, even if only for seven hours.

In July and August we maximized our time at the cabin. The lake always promises lots of excitement and quality relaxation. I cannot get enough time there. I absolutely love it. We went Stampeding and back country camping. We saw a broadway rendition of ‘The Lion King’ and more than our fair share of summer blockbusters. LJ enjoyed swimming lessons, and not one, but two cracks at tennis camp. He also finished up his Baseball season. (The kid’s a damn good catcher, I gotta say.) We enjoyed dinners, playdates and birthday parties with dear friends and family. We made new friends, and enjoyed getting to know them. We continued to hone our skills (WAKE SURFING! DOG TRAINING!) and we learned new ones (ZIP LINE INSTALLATION! HAND WEEDING! GRASS PLANTING!) We squeezed in a trip to the Royal Tyrrell Museum and made time for our annual, mid-summer LEGO store, pick-anything-you-want, for-absolutely-no-reason, shopping extravaganza. (Always a good time!)

Which brings us to September. LJ is back in school. The DH is back to work.

And, me?

Well… I’m back to blogging.

Until next time!





Tracey Ast

Logan, I love you, too! Thanks so much for your comment… :D Hugs, Mom

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