With a huge sense of relief, I return.

I am listing my house for sale tomorrow. And, for now, the work is done. The windows are washed. The purge is complete. (If ever such a claim can be made?) The cleaning has been tackled. The toys have been organized. All of the dishes and laundry are put away.

So, I can sit.

I can write.

And I feel no guilt.


Too much has gone on for me to update you fully. Life moves quickly in my neck of the woods. The city I call home has given me everything; community, family, friendship, health and wellness, opportunity, abundance, jaw-dropping scenery, a deep appreciation for art and music, four seasons of sunshine (mostly!)… the very makings of my life.

When I move, which will be soon, I will not be moving far. Just outside of the city limits, in fact. Far enough away from the hubbub to satisfy my small town roots. Close enough to grab Thai food on the way home from work, knowing it will still be warm once it hits my plate.

My life is a charmed life, for sure. I never forget that everything I find myself busy with (sometimes too busy with) is something I chose. My desires. My choices. My life. My blessings.

I always have a say. Even when I don’t.

And so do you.



I’m excited for this next phase for your family!

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