Art Walk 2013

I recently spent some time with my brother-in-law, fine art photographer and print maker, Reathel Geary, perusing a variety of art galleries in Calgary’s core. Such a treat, this is… especially for me. I have been enamoured with art for a very long time; literature, music, photography, paint on canvas, whatever really. I’m not picky. Most of the time I’m not even sure what I’m looking at! All the same, I love how a particular piece of art makes me feel, that something tangible inspires an emotional experience…one with enough weight to make a lasting impression.

Yup. I really LOVE that.

Early on in our excursion we made a stop at Theatre Junction to pick up a copy of Seities, a newly minted publication featuring the analog efforts of fine art photographers around the world. Naturally, being a fan of photography and local start-ups of just about any kind, I signed myself up to receive future issues. (YES!) While there we enjoyed a lovely chat with two of the founders, Sanja and Kirsten. It’s remarkable to listen to artists discuss what they do. Infectious really. I am now plagued by a desire to drop everything for the sake of wet plate photography, (where does one learn how to perform such a thing, I wonder?) and wheat pasting.

Our day ended at the Christine Klassen Gallery where I made a gut-tingling, resoundingly affirmative choice to buy a piece of art. (My first ever for our home… and most certainly my first from a gallery!) I can see this behaviour becoming a problem for me. Or perhaps, I should say, for my husband. Ha!

Ben Cope is ultimately to blame. For capturing on paper what I so often feel inside. Divinely without defence. Vulnerable. Perpetually human…

Thanks again, Reathel, and know that I have so much love and respect for what you do.

peace out,




It was wonderful to meet you as well! We are so happy to spread the world of traditional photography. Can’t wait for you to see the next issue…will be in the mail early July! It’s going to be stunning! Also, keep checking in with us, as we hope to have lectures and workshops that could give you more information on wet plate photography. So much to look forward to. All the best.
Sanja and Kirsten

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