NaPoWriMo #3 (The Canoodoo Climb)

We went geocaching today. So, why not write a poem about it?

The Canoodoo Climb

by Tracey Ast ~ April 3, 2013

We scrambled up the face of a hoodoo today,
Or a Canoodoo, as my son would say.
Straight up the side, no word of a lie -
I do not recommend the climb.
Especially if you’re five.

Like minute militia on guard,
Worse than any dog in yard,
Flesh-eating fiends
Flung themselves from trees.
More than we’ve ever seen.

With three caches to find,
And paranoia set firmly to mind,
We paused with each step, fingers primed to flick
Ridding our t-shirts of time-bombing ticks.
And flutter-by the butterflies.

Though oddly unprepared,
Worse yet, we could have fared.
With sun shining, and creek winding,
Crawling skin to sight of blooming Crocus gives way.
Here’s to another lovely, memorable day!


Tracey Ast

SOOOOO creepy! I’m still a wee bit wigged out actually. I find myself thinking about them from time to time.

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