When Heaven Weeps

In anticipation of Spring… a poem.

When Heaven Weeps

by Tracey Ast ~ 2012

When it rains
like this,
a steady downpour
all day
an onslaught
of wet…

the kind of rain
that first lays down
the green
spreading it with care
a new beginning,
this quilted tapestry of colour
the luxurious padding
between this swirling
sphere of rock
and our feet…

I imagine

a host of angels,
some of them familiar
most of them not,
dressed in robes
pulsating with Light,
and they’re watching
with glee…

The kind that bubbles
up out of you,
screws up your face,
lays down your soul,
dousing your pain
with tears of joy…

It’s a silent river
of redemption.

There is happiness
in these raindrops,
this heavenly army
they see it all
each time
a stranger smiles,
someone lends
a sympathetic ear,
a child is granted
the gift of Presence,
when love
edges out fear,
and faith,
takes flight.

This is no rain.

This is a blanket
of hope.

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