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These days, the latest Facebook fad requires one to make note of twenty-five random things, goals, facts, habits, etc. about one’s self. Hoping to infuse a little life into my oh-so-sleepy blog, I’ve decided to oblige. (Well, sort of. This isn’t Facebook. It’s my blog. I much prefer my blog.)

  1. I check my email, blog and Facebook everyday. Sometimes twice.
  2. My numero uno goal in life: to learn to (unconditionally) love, accept and approve of myself. I tend to fall prey to various forms of self-deprecation, and have done so from a very young age. This unfortunate habit seems to run in my family.
  3. I love Oprah! (Seriously.) I think I owe her a debt of gratitude. She was one hell of an after school (grade school, middle school, high school, college) babysitter.
  4. I’m pretty sure I have OCD. There are certain things (okay, a lot of things) that I have to do in a certain way and order. Because of this I can be difficult to pin down and inflexible. Not to mention anxiety ridden.
  5. I am WAY too honest sometimes. Case in point: #4 above.
  6. I’ve spent a lot of time in AA meetings. Not because I struggle with substance abuse (chocolate withstanding) but because someone I once worked with did.
  7. I am the complete opposite of an adrenalin junkie.
  8. When I was a kid, for a brief period of time, my mother was a bowling coach. As a result, I was forced to bowl three whole games every Saturday. I hated it. Furthermore, I insisted that she not coach me. It drove me crazy every time she tried.
  9. Someday, I’d like to write a book.
  10. When I grow up, I want to be a super hero.
  11. My “Grammy” Ruby (AKA “Gram”) was the coolest lady EVER. She taught me by example about advocacy. I miss her so much and wish she’d had the opportunity to meet my husband and child. She would have approved, I think.
  12. I recently gave my nephew a discontinued sample of carpet. He has since reported that it is a “magic” carpet and sleeps with it every night.
  13. My brother will always be an inspiration to me. He is ridiculously shameless, and hilarious because of it.
  14. I am addicted to the television show ‘Dexter’.
  15. If I could eat anything that I wanted without consequence, I’d eat nothing but ice cream, cookies and brownies.
  16. I am currently residing in my in-law’s basement. For whatever reason, the vast majority of people that I tell this to react sympathetically. I respond with the following explanation; my in-laws are extremely accomodating, easy to live with, and a pleasure to be around. I am a very lucky daughter-in-law.
  17. My house is being renovated. (Thus why we live with the parental unit.)
  18. My son was born on an Easter Sunday.
  19. Bad manners make me crazy. Bad table manners send me over the edge.
  20. One day, I will learn to play the piano.
  21. I’ve been working on this post for WAY TOO LONG.
  22. Whilst running this morning, I saw three moose, four deer and one other runner. (April 8, 2009)
  23. I graduated high school ten years ago this year.
  24. My middle name is Mariette, after my Grandmama.
  25. My cranky, old cat, “Kitty” plays fetch and periodically drowns her stuffies in her water bowl.


Doug and Maria

Tracey, I totally relate to number 2. The other thing I would add is to leave this life without giving anyone any GUILT.

I think you are wonderful! Doug


Tracey, The personal insights, little dramas, and honest things you portray about yourself really set a stage, offer props, and please the crowd.

Will, the happiest I have ever seen him, reflects your charm. Logan too, is pure warmth.

I wish I could do more to thank you for your inspiration. If I ever can, let me know. I’m not that scary, really…


Thanks for sharing, Jay… just stumbled across this. Apparently it's time to change my settings! :)


Hmm, You shared. You bared – hell you Married! Me, I'm the lone wolf out there just being observant. If I could draw close friends, I'd have to say even under the extreme duress of Booze Will was staunch in loving your effects. Allllll of the above, baby.

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